Standard Containers
These containers are suitable for most cargo.

High Cube Containers
These containers are specifically for light, higher volume cargo or excessive height cargo. The inside dimension is one foot higher.

Reefer Containers
These containers are refrigerated and designed specifically for cargo requiring transport at a constant temperature above or below freezing.

NOR (Non-operating Reefer) Containers
These are Reefer containers with the refrigeration unit not operating. They can be used in a similar fashion as a Standard container, but are slightly smaller in internal dimension. These containers are not always available but can receive more favourable pricing.

Open Top Containers
As described, these containers have no roof. They are specifically designed for larger dimension (height or length) cargo that requires loading from either above or the end without roof obstruction.

Flat Rack Containers
These containers are specifically for heavy and over width cargo. Oversized cargo can often be accommodated on several flats positioned side by side.

Note: These represent typical dimensions of ocean containers; some variation may exist depending on the manufacturer.