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Container Portable Storage Solutions
Pricing Varies depending on location, Container size, Type & the term 
We are happy to provide a free quote for your specific needs. 
Storing your Items in a Container You have security knowing your items are in a SECURE, RODENT PROOF,WIND & WATERTIGHT shipping container.


We deliver portable storage units right to your door. Our weather resistant containers are equipped with secured locks, so your goods stay safe and dry. How much easier can this get!

We’ve Got You Covered!
Storage units for moving Residential Storage Containers
Portable Storage containers from Derkson Container Sales and Transport provide secure temporary storage so your belongings and tools are safe until your project is complete.



We deliver our self-storage containers to your home or job-site, providing you with a safe, convenient, weather-resistant storage solution for as long as you need. If your property is short of space, we can store your storage unit in our secured yard.










Our secure, wind and waterproof, rodent- proof, fire resistant portable storage containers are perfect for home or business storage. Our 8 ft x 20 ft shipping containers can be delivered almost anywhere.


De-clutter, Staging
Sell your house faster and for a higher price. Real Estate agents encourage their clients to de-clutter and stage their homes before listing for sale. Buyers will have an easier time imagining themselves living in the home.


Other uses...


Events, Parties
Portable Storage
No truck rentals, ground level loading
Delivery by company trained drivers
On-Site storage
University Student Storage (Groups)
Movie production
Cheap, cost effective storage
Wind and waterproof, rodent proof, fire resistant


Please Measure Your Delivery Space!
Delivery requires 14 feet of vertical clearance.
Please ensure overhead wires, branches, overhangs etc. do not prevent delivery.

Our 8×20 containers are all ISO Certified shipping containers.

8ft wide 20ft long 8.5ft high
ISO certified shipping container (the standard for shipping dry goods all over the world)
Wind and water tight, fire resistant and rodent proof
extra, additional venting for a moderate storage climate
heavy duty seals on doors
equipped with lock boxes
extremely clean and in new condition
corten steel construction
extra tie-offs to secure your load
Built with secure corten steel
Sealed doors, no room for leaks or insects
Hardwood flooring
Lockable door handles
Weatherproof vents